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Field (Share) - Pera Chorio, Nicosia

Nicosia - Ref. PR14955View on map

Field-Pera Chorio-PR14955
Field-Pera Chorio-PR14955
Field-Pera Chorio-PR14955
Field-Pera Chorio-PR14955
Field-Pera Chorio-PR14955
Field-Pera Chorio-PR14955
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Field (Share) - Pera Chorio, Nicosia

Subject to VAT


Reserve Price

deadline 30 November 2021

deadline 30 November 2021

Available for sale is the 1/2 share of a residential field, which corresponds to an area of 1,510 sq.m (approx.) in Pera Chorio community, in Nicosia District.

It is located at a distance of  approximately 500 m southwest from the community's center.

It has a rectangular shape, a level surface and abuts onto a registered road, along its eastern boundary with a frontage of approximately 45 m.

It is noted that for the property there is a distribution agreement.

According to the distribution agreement, for sale is the northern part of the field, which is shown in blue colour. 

Note: Regarding this property, please visit the website [Click Here] and carefully consider its content, procedure, terms and conditions regarding the Housing Scheme to support Specific Rural Areas. We emphasize that the process of completing and submitting an application, as well as compliance with the terms and conditions concerning and/or related to the Housing Scheme to support Specific Rural Areas is solely your responsibility. In addition, Altamira Asset Management (Cyprus) Limited, does not have nor may have any liability, and assumes no responsibility arising from any issue concerning and/or related to the Housing Scheme to support Specific Rural Areas or with the duly completion and submission of the relevant application, as it does not and cannot bear any responsibility or liability for its successful or unsuccessful outcome.

Gray Standard deadline time (JPG)

Gray Standard deadline time (JPG)

The Terms and Conditions found on the Tender form must be carefully considered prior to submitting an Offer. 

Any photographs, markings, outlines, or other design on the photographs are indicative and for illustration purposes only.

All planning particulars or other features of the property must be checked with the relevant authorities. Altamira Asset Management Cyprus Ltd is not bound to accept the highest or any other offer submitted. 

The above price may be modified without any prior notice.

All information received from Altamira Asset Management Cyprus Ltd (through the website and / or its operators and / or otherwise) is indicative and no guarantee is given for its completeness and / or validity.

Tenders submitted for an Amount below the Reserve Price shall be rejected.

The Tenderer is exclusively responsible for conducting an inspection of the Property and to take all actions necessary to verify and / or be satisfied on the accuracy of the details of the Property (including planning particulars, boundaries a.o), and in addition to ascertain whether the sale of the Property is subject to VAT and the exact amount payable. In case of disagreement, it is the sole responsibility of the Tenderer to provide relevant evidence to satisfy Altamira Real Estate.

District: Nicosia

Municipality: Pera Chorio


  • Use: Residential
  • Land area: 3,020 m2 (whole share)

Land Registry Information

Registration number Sheet/Plan Block Parcel Number
3/516 39/07E2 3 491
  • Planning zone: Κα6
  • Building Coefficient: 90%
  • Coverage Coefficient: 50%
  • Maximum Floors Allowed: 2
  • Maximum Building Height (m): 10

Tender Form

The Tenderers may submit their Tenders within seven (7) calendar days from the publication date displayed on (hereinafter "Altamira Website"). In the case where it is decided that the period of seven (7) calendar days is not sufficient, the period may be extended by an announcement to that effect on Altamira Website as indicated above within the Tender Form Section of each property. Following the expiration of the submission period, if no Tender has been submitted, the property will remain on Altamira Website and the submission period shall be extended on a weekly basis. Otherwise, in the case where a Tender has been received, the property will be removed from Altamira Website.


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